At Quinorgan, we have a wide range of thermo-adhesive sheets, both counters and toe puffs, which help reinforce both the heel and the toe of the shoe, offering greater comfort, stability and quality.


Our toe puffs

The toe puff is the reinforcement that is located at the tip of the shoe. It is possible to manufacture it in different materials, lines, etc. We have reactivation lines, extruded thermoplastics and other materials such as cotton fabric and Walter Jet fabric.

We can distinguish two types: the rigid and flexible.

The rigid ones are related to the thermoplastic stops and the flexible ones with the toe puffs of fabrics, leather or other substitutes.


Our counters

We have a wide range of counters plates that help reinforce the footwear. From our GAMMAFLEX with a non-woven polyester base, to our HP EXPRESS with cotton fabric base.

We also have thermoplastic materials extracted as ALIS or DIANA S. This extruded thermoplastic material and synthetic resin give it a great softness.

Thanks to the materials we use, our counters ensure maximum elasticity and maximum comfort for the consumer.


Our commitment

At Quinorgan we are committed to manufacturing based on the three R’s. We use renewable materials in the manufacturing that we carry out for the footwear sector. We substitute synthetic fibers for natural fibers.

We are committed to the reuse of materials, as well as proper disposal, enhancing the use of biodegradable materials. We also bet on the care of human and environmental values through a project to reduce emissions and waste.

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