The brand of distribution of high quality materials for footwear, Quinorgan, presents Q-Xtreme.
Q-Xtreme is a new product that guarantees rigidity, lightness, resistance and comfort compared to other materials of the same thickness. In addition, it is formulated with a high recycled content and the material is totally recyclable. This is a key factor,because the brand is totally committed to the environment. One of the main objectives of Quinorgan is to safeguard human and environmental values. This is carried out through compatible economic development and less aggressive with the Environment. During the last years, the brand has been dedicated to the elimination of hazardous waste and the reduction of air and water emissions.

Q-Xtreme is an innovative line for footwear specially designed to provide maximum strength even at low temperatures. It is suitable for shoes that require great strength and that maintain an indefinite shape.

It is characterized by a strong adhesion to most materials, including leather with high oil content. It also stands out for an optimal retention of form, without it varying with use.

As additional manufacturing features to highlight Q-Xtreme is that the material can be cut in any direction allowing optimal cutting fields. The cut can be made in multiple layers determined by the grade of the product and the cutting equipment designed. The material remains soft and workable after activation. This allows a perfect molding and obtains an excellent reproduction of forms without wrinkles.

In conclusion, Q-Xtreme is one of the major trends in the sector, but ultimately one of the major trends in the world of footwear and fashion is sustainability. It is this aspect Quinorgan is totally committed.

From the brand will not stop working to continue offering the latest novelties and trends to its customers from sustainability.