At Quinorgan we are committed to nature and the environment. That is why we work so that our production is respectful and does not damage the environment. In this sense, the three constants that we apply in the development of our business activity are: recycle, reuse and reduce.

Some of the actions we carry out to make this possible are: the total reduction of the discharge of wastewater from the industrial process; the reduction of gases harmful to the environment ; and the incorporation of recycled and reprocessed materials in new productions.

These efforts have led Quinorgan to be one of the leading companies in the manufacturing sector of buttresses and buttresses. We continue to innovate to improve the future of the industry, only in this way have we been able to obtain to obtain certification Global Recycled Standard , whose certifying body is Control Union Certification BV

GRS is a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product . This applies to the entire supply chain, addressing traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content and labelling.

This certification, together with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management , joins Quinorgan’s effort to continue improving the processes of transforming waste for the manufacture of new products, contributing to the preservation and improvement of the environment .

The preservation of the environment, as well as human values, is one of Quinorgan’s premises, which we materialize through an economic development that is compatible and less aggressive with the ecosystem, making possible the development of an economic activity that respects people and with the environment.