Quinorgan is a company completely dedicated to the preservation of human and environmental values. All processes and activities are surrounded by an economic development compatible and much less aggressive with nature.

In recent years we have introduced new methods to try to eliminate hazardous waste and reduce emissions to air and water.

Our work is based on a model of constant improvement, seeking the respectful combination between activity and environment.



In the company we are focused on the total reduction of wastewater discharge from the industrial process. We have a wastewater treatment plant to obtain higher quality and reuse from manufacturing.

Our priority is the reduction of harmful gases for the environment. We take care of the elimination of chemical components such as plasticizers such as phthalate, formaldehyde, paraffin, and so on.

We do our best to minimize the creation of waste, whose cuts in our activity are recycled and reprocessed. For this reason, we created the complete extrusion manufacturing line.

Quinorgan is committed to recycling. We incorporate recycled materials in all new productions.



Diana Eco is the range of thermoplastic materials developed by the Quinorgan R&D department. The objective is the use of environmentally friendly materials.

This material has been manufactured with renewable raw materials, replacing synthetic fibres with natural ones for a lower environmental impact. In addition, our products are fully recyclable for reuse during manufacture.

Diana Eco materials have a low reactivation temperature, achieving energy savings and higher productivity.



Quinorgan’s mission is to create high quality sustainable materials for footwear. Its strong commitment to research, design and innovation, has developed ecological technologies that meet the demands of the national and international market. Solutions that revolutionize the footwear sector.