In Quinorgan we have been dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of high quality footwear for more than 80 years. Bumpers, buttresses, reinforcements, insoles and adhesives with sustainable air are the products that year after year we perfect and elaborate for all types of footwear.

Research, design and innovation are the fundamental pillars of our company, which have made us advance in the improvement of the shoe and its firmness, in addition to making us more precise every day.

All these years of experience have led us to incorporate technology for our production. This has become a necessary element in the development of our products, opting for the choice of an ecological technology. Our commitment to the environment required a technology that would respect it, that’s why we chose green technology. This technology also helps us meet the demands of the market both nationally and internationally, offering solutions that perfect and revolutionize the entire footwear sector in a totally ecological way and becoming more effective.

And it is that our philosophy forces us to reach any place where our customers are, so we have the commitment to meet the needs of any client in the world, but the development, research and improvement of technologies for footwear would not make sense Without some clients to please.

Since we started in 1933, our company has undergone both internal and external development. Internationally we have it in 8 countries and export products to more than 70 different countries. The experience of these years has led us to the production of products of a much higher quality, which increasingly reach more places in the world, but development continues.