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Four generations of family business

  • In 1929, at the hands of Ramón Jové Gambús together with his partners, the Campi family, Campi i Jové, a chemical materials distributor company, was founded.
  • In 1933, Dehisa Cedicam was founded and hydrogenation derivatives were manufactured for the first time. In 1955 Quinorgan is founded.
  • In 1964, Ramon Jové Second generation, took over the different companies and consolidated them.
  • In 2006 Luis Jové Pons, began his position as CEO expanding the different companies of the group, turning Quinorgan as the flagship.

Through the years

Ramón Jové (1896 – 1964)
1st Generation
1933 - 1955
DEHISA Foundation

DEHISA was founded in 1933 and obtained in 1955 the license and the technology to produce adhesives, stops and buttresses in Spain for the footwear market of the German company DEGUSSA

1956 - 1998
Quinorgan is born, investment in technology and Asian market

In 1956 Quinorgan was born to cover the footwear market while DEHISA continues in paints and plastics. In 1965 the first exports took place that would increase in the following years with the development of Quinorgan’s own technology in 1972, after the withdrawal of Degussa from the footwear market. In 1998 Quinorgan entered the Asian market

2001 - 2006
First subsidiaries, first extrusion line and Diana launch

Quinorgan México was created in 2001, followed in 2005 by Quinorgan DON CHEM INDIA and Quinorgan GAMMA AYAKABBI in Istanbul. Also in 2005, Quinorgan inaugurated its first production line, which it used in 2006 for the launch of the DIANA product, the buttress with more than 20 million m2 per year per extrusion.

2010 - 2016
New extrusion and expansion lines

Quinorgan acquired its second and third extrusion lines in 2007 and 2010 respectively as well as a fourth in 2016. Quintex Brasil was created in 2014 and Texon Uruguay in 2015

What do we do?

Toe Puffs

Wide range of materials to reinforce the toecap of the footwear.


Wide range of materials to reinforce the back of the shoe.


We have a range of reinforcements-materials for footwear and its auxiliary industry


We offer you a complete range of insoles for all types of footwear


We present a wide assortment of water-based, solvent-based and hot-melt adhesives.