One of Quinorgan‘s main objectives is preserving human and environmental values through economic development which is compatible with and less aggressive toward the Environment. A continuous improvement model which has become our greatest virtue, as during recent years we have been committed to the disposal of hazardous waste and the reduction of emissions to the air and water.


Thanks to the experience gained in creating and developing environmentally friendly material projects, today we are proud to say that all of our extrusion manufacturing contains some recycled material .In this way and in collaboration with our clients who have supported us in the RE-use project from the beginning, QUINORGAN created its own circular economy project.

For a better control, we currently have our own recycling plant to treat the waste generated from the manipulation of toe-puffs and counters. With that, we achieve a closed cycle of self-supply by reusing the waste of our own materials in new productions of high-quality materials.


We have a waste water treatment plant in order to obtain better quality and reuse from our manufacturing. This is a pioneering project endorsed by the Government of Catalonia’s Department for Environment.

Elimination of chemical components such as plasticisers like phthalate, formaldehyde and paraffin, etc.

Waste minimisation, with cuts being recycled and reprocessed.

Inclusion of recycled materials in new productions.


Diana Eco is the range of thermoplastic materials developed by Quinorgan’s R&D department which is committed to using environmentally friendly materials.

This material has been manufactured with renewable raw materials, replacing synthetic fibres with natural fibres to minimise environmental impact. Additionally, our products are completely recyclable for reuse during manufacturing.

Environmentally friendly Diana Eco materials have a low reactivation temperature which results in energy savings and increased productivity. At the same time, their versatility means they can be used in flat and pre-moulded products.

  • Meet current regulations on hazardous chemical substances
  • Made with registered substances in line with REACH Regulation
  • Do not contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)
  • Do not contain substances included in Annex XIV of REACH Regulation


We use renewable materials in our high quality products for the footwear and leather goods sector. We replace synthetic fibres with natural fibres.



We are committed to the correct reuse and disposal of materials, fostering a polymer recycling process and the use materials of our own production.



We uphold our human and environmental values through a waste disposal and emission reduction project.



Go back to the beginning, make the process repeat, help reduce emissions and waste.

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