Circular economy project

Thanks to the experience gained in environmentally friendly material projects, today we are proud to say that all of our extrusion manufacturing contains some recycled material and most of it is recyclable as a whole. In this way and in collaboration with our clients who have supported us in the RE-use project from the beginning, QUINORGAN has created its own circular economy project .


Our recycling plant

For better control, we currently have our own recycling plant to treat the waste generated from the manipulation of the toe-puffs and counters of our materials. In this way, we achieve a closed cycle of self-supply by reusing the waste of our own materials in new productions of high-quality materials.

Quinorgan cares

Total reduction in the discharge of wastewater from the industrial process.

We have a wastewater treatment plant to obtain higher quality and reuse from manufacturing. Pioneering project and endorsed by the Department of the Environment of the Catalan Government.

Reduction of gases harmful to the environment.

Elimination of chemical components such as phthalate plasticizers, formaldehyde, paraffin, etc.

Recycled materials.

Incorporation of recycled materials in new productions.

Commitment to the environment

Solar energy

Committed to renewable sources of clean energy. Quinorgan was a pioneer in the installation of solar panels. It has a production of 200 KW which represents 16% of its electricity consumption.


Quinorgan is also present in the Circular Economy by being a recycler of its own scrap. It has a crushing and extrusion factory for the reuse of surplus (Re-use).


Treatment by precipitation and filtering of the water for its subsequent reuse.