The colour red is one of the most intense colors at an emotional level. It is great for calling attention. When we visualized it we feel different feelings like strength or energy.

Also on the fashion industry is usually related to passion and dynamism. All these qualities among others have transform this color into the new trend for the 2020/ 21 season.

Quinorgan has been at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies. That’s why we are committed to provide products that can easily adapt to our clients without forgetting about quality and style.

We present two new materials. They are linning and reinforcement materials for leather.


It’s a thermoplastic material designed to provide softness and flexibility but it also provides reinforcement to all types of shoes. The color we chose for this material plays a really important roll as red will be fashion in the next season.


It´s a technic material whose objective is to reinforce shoes when ever its needed. It´s perfect for military, security or trekking use and of course also on fashion. Again the color red plays a really important roll on its design.

You will be able to find these novelties among many others in Milan at Lineapelle fair October 2-4. Or in Alicante at Futurmoda fair October 16-17.