In Quinorgan we do not stop adapting and looking for solutions to the difficulties that this global pandemic is posing us. In conjunction with our trend towards sustainable and renewable products in recent years, the research and development team has launched a booster for bags and leather goods: COTTONFORCE.
Cottonforce was born after the presence of Quinorgan -with other own products- in clothing and footwear brands in prime fashion, brands that require quality products above all else. Therefore, we decided to expand our product offering focused on this type of brand by launching Cottonforce for bags and leather goods.
Cottonforce is part of the innovative line of high quality “enviromental friendly” thermoplastic reinforcements. Its formula incorporates 100% pre-consumer recycled polymers and its renewable fabric (cotton) minimizes environmental impact and carbon footprint.
Cottonforce is specially designed to provide leather with a soft and flexible touch, which makes it ideal for the manufacture of bags, belts and wallets among others. It is usually used to give a better support and structure to the entire bag, being highly efficient applied in the main stress points, so that it is resistant even to strong tractions.
Its improved formula gives it great softness, and allows a high lightness of the material that does not leave marks or wrinkles on the surface.
Quality product and guarantees: COTTONFORCE.